Jealous little puppy.

Oh, Herman. He is quite the mama's boy, and I am to blame. Since the day that I picked him up, I have treated him like my baby. Talking to him sweet, letting him give me kisses and sometimes sneaking him into bed after Eric has fallen asleep. While his obsession with me is adorable, when I am trying to get work done, he can be a little pest. Today, while prepping for a photo shoot with the lovely Miss Therese Little, I wasn't paying enough attention to the little monster. He knows me being in my studio directly results in a lack of cooing and cuddling. So he came in, sat down in front of the blank wall and looked up at me with those puppy eyes and gave a little whine. I grabbed my camera. He is usually moving so much it's hard to get a single shot that isn't blurry...but today he was just posing up a storm.

So enjoy these adorable photos of Herman (though I know that this post is *mostly* for me ;) It's going to be a big week for new stuff at Bourbon & Lace Vintage. We photographed SO MUCH cute stuff today, I can't wait to get it all listed! Until then, I am off to FEASTmpls.
Happy Saturday!
Rae Alexis


  1. ahh, herman looks like a cuddly little love bun! (And your description of his sweetie pie/pest status sounds remarkably like that of my beloved Sassy!)

  2. "Cuddly little love bun"...I like that! (As if I need any more pet names for him :)

  3. maybe you found your new model?? :-)