Oh, how I would love to own.

We are moving (as we speak, sort of) into a new apartment. There is a website if you want to check it out, the landlord dabbles in web design. The pictures don't quite do it justice - but look at that kitchen and pantry! It's pretty great: 3 bedrooms, big 'ol sun porch, beautiful fenced in back yard, which Eric, myself and our little creatures are all going to enjoy quite a bit. We are both really excited. However, nearing 28, I am at the age where a lot of my friends are buying houses. We want to stay mobile for a few more years, so we're putting it off. But, oh how I long for a home to make my own...here are some things I've seen lately that make me long so badly to buy a place.

This kitchen is so fabulous (as is the rest of this house). I've seen some pretty great vintage stoves, but I think that one takes the cake. Also I love the wood work, the tile and the overall color scheme. Sometimes I feel like any type of robin's egg blue/aqua color is hard to pull off, it seems to always turn out looking baby blue (yuck)...but I think with that green stove it all works out.

Don't even get me started on this Austin, TX apartment that was featured on designsponge last week. I have always wanted to live in a converted warehouse, but I can't bring myself to sacrifice having an outside space that is easily accessible. (Oh, and I can't afford one). This loading dock yard is the perfect solution! I love, love, love it. Think of all the great spots in this apartment for shooting clothes! GAH, i can barely stand it.


  1. this screams you. i think you decorated it in an alternate universe. Beautiful.

  2. I dying over that stove. Gorgeous!

  3. where do you find stoves like that? that kitchen is very envy inducing.

  4. Therese: Thank you:)

    Meghan: I know! P.S. LOVE your blog!

    SL:I've seen them in architectural salvage places before, also on craigslist.