Better late than never?

I don't know that outfit posts are my "thing". I like other people's outfit posts, I like MY outfits...but getting a non-akward picture of little 'ol me is a challenge. (See below.) So I missed one day, but here are the last two pics of my final week at my internship (thanks to Dajana for pic 2 ;).

*Thrifted Scarf -b-day present from my little sis (Thanks Betsy!)
*Bling Bling silk blouse - thrifted.
*Perfect blue cardigan - thrifted.
*There's that Urban Outfitters skirt again.
*My Minnetonka moccasins...my most worn shoes.

*Thrifted gold leaf necklaced
*H & M black cardigan - clothing swap
*Grey tee - garage sale on my lunch break the day before.
*Gold Rose belt - thrifted
*Floral skirt - old navy (lame, right? no. it was $12.00 and I wear it a lot.)
*Peacock tights - unsure of the origin, but I love them.
*Vintage mustard pumps - thrifted
*Vintage Coach bag - thrifted

I wish that I would have been more on top of this outfit post thing, but life caught up with me. In between designing website/posters/postcards, pricing clothes, setting up, planning, etc for Mighty Swell I was looking for a job...it consumed my life. After this weekend, which will be bonkers, I'll be back full force. New job, new free time and new blog posts! I've got some fun stuff in the works, i promise. xoxox


  1. I'm obsessed with that gold belt. Like, break-into-your-house-and-steal-it obsessed. : )