In love with...

1) This dry shampoo has changed my life, and I love the whole line of Kevin Murphy products... all natural with 100% recyclable packaging!
2) In love with this necklace from Local Library on etsy.
3) Bike season is nearing, and I want this handle bar bag from Death and Texas. It converts into a stylish purse and will surely be one of my first big purchases this spring.
4) How cute are these vintage-inspired glass dishes with lids? Take your lunch to work in style.
5) My MacBook could use a little adornment, these skins from KARVT are perfect. And you can get them for your iphone & ipad too!
6) Obviously Herman NEEDS this bowtie collar from Silly Buddy. You know, for special occasions.
7) And I need this necklace from No Milk Today. Just because it's stunning.


  1. I don't know what I did before finding dry shampoo. It's my favorite.

  2. I need those dishes. Oh wait...no I don't.