Treasure Rescue: 002

Since it's been forever and a year since I posted my thrifty finds, these are just a handful of the treasures I've scored over the past couple of months...

1) Dancing bunny planter. I'm obsessed with all things bunny.
2) State Patches. All 50 states are not represented, but I thought this was a pretty good score for under 3 bucks.
3) Deer scene on slice of tree. Doesn't get much more Minnesotan than this.
4) Black beauties. These ceramic horse heads are the perfect combo of pretty/creepy.
5) Peacock wall art. What's not to love?
6) Fuzzy red doe with gold glitter ears. I ran across this at an estate sale and got SO excited. She's the prettiest. And while I believe it's meant as holiday decor, you better believe I'm keeping this out year round. That little gem next to her is a carnival glass doe dish. Picked this up antiquing on a long weekend in Duluth.
7) Various tins/containers/planters. I've been snatching up every cute container I see since I stumbled across this tutorial on making candles out of vintage tins. Meghan and I are going to have a craft day soon and do just that.
8) Cross stitch. Since Eric gets to veto anything that's "too girly", I'm going to pass this one onto Meghan. It'll be a perfect fit for the Mighty Swell headquarters, which is now under renovation.
9) Vintage Books. My plan for these is to read them and then design jackets for them. Sooooo, I'll just add that one to my list of good intentions.
10) 3 Dimensional Horse Head. This doesn't need much explanation. It's amazing.
11) Set of Skeleton Keys. Originally I thought these would be used to make necklaces... but I kind of like them all bundled together. We'll see. Brass Bunny. Once again, bunny obsessed.

Now, I can't keep all of this stuff... so keep an eye out for us to announce the date of the next Mighty Swell Pop-up Shop where you can find some of these things and soooo much more.


  1. OMG, you know how I feel about deer! I love the deer on the slab of wood. I have the carnival glass deer! She holds my rings. Love all your finds, actually.

  2. That little deer dish was the greatest find - so cool that we have the same one :) It currently holds all the miscellaneous on my desk.

  3. OMG that horse head is too cool! I saw one a while ago in one of my fav Etsy shops and was like, DAMN, that is awesome. Great finds, per usual!

  4. RE: The peacock wall art. A little tavern here in Madison has these above the toilets. I'm often tempted to snatch them right off the wall. Nice find!