FOUND: Art Deco Cross Stitch Kits

I ran across these cross stitch kits while doing some research for an Art Deco inspired illustration I am working on. There is a part of me that has always wanted to learn to cross stitch. No geese with bows around their necks, or roosters, or pigs....but I wouldn't mind hanging these beauties in my house. I find the top-left one especially stunning, and the slight side-boob detail on the bottom left lady is kind of awesome.
I should really be packing my kitchen for our big move, but I had to share these.
Farewell for now, Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. haha. i love side boob! where are you moving?

  2. Well, I guess by "big move" I meant a few miles away to another neighborhood in Minneapolis ;) Every move feels big when you have as much stuff as I do.

  3. oh lord! these are outrageous. i'm making one.