Treasure Rescue: 001

"Treasure Rescue" posts are a way for me to share my garage sale/thrift store/dumpster dive finds with you, my wonderful readers. (*Note: I don't know if I actually have any wonderful readers, feel free to comment below and make yourself known!)

I have been "junking" since I was a wee tot. My family was big, and not rich, so my mom bought a lot of our stuff second hand. I learned to love it at a young age because she often let me buy toys that I would never get otherwise. Many hot, humid and lovely weekends were spent garage sale-ing. I still try and go treasure hunting every time I am back in Iowa. I find some of my best stuff there.

These are some of my better finds from the last few weeks.

1. This cool 70s faux wood type collage thing-y. I'm a typography nerd.

2. Misc. notepads. I love vintage ephemera of all kinds. I collect it and write thank you notes to include with my etsy orders.

3. "Champion Spelling Book" from 1909. Originally sold for 20 cents (it's penciled in the front cover). I mostly bought this one for the cover...I'm a sucker for old books.

4. This one is a gem. "The Cottage Physician" published in 1899. So cool to hold something over 100 years old in your hands. I may have to post more pictures of the illustrations inside. Cool stuff.

5. This is an old film illuminator, a light box that hangs in hospitals to view x-rays. It's from the Wolfe Clinic here in Minneapolis. Eric and I picked this baby up at a sale next door for $20...a bargain, i'm pretty sure. The guy did not give us the brain x-rays that were displayed with it, which was quite a disappointment. Can't wait to see what creative uses we find for this in our new place.

6. This vintage milk glass set of 4 mugs, 4 bowls and 4 finger bowls was an Iowa garage sale find. $3.00 for the set! I love the funky pattern and the colors. Actually thinking about painting our new kitchen something similar to that aqua.

7 & 8. I've been hording vintage wrapping paper for years now, and it comes in handy all the time. People love getting uniquely wrapped gifts, it adds a nice touch. I'm also a sucker for all things floral.

9 & 10. I have a really hard time not buying old photos whenever I come across them. But I have so many, and I'm not quite sure what to do with all of them. I had to bring this album home with me. They are mostly from the 1920's, taken in Iowa, and in great condition. And they have so much personality. I mean, how often to you come across such a goofy picture in an old photo album like this? So great. I plan on scanning them all for a separate post.


  1. you know i read your blog. I've been finding a few good things recently. Some sheets I want to use for reupholstering something (or maybe some custom lampshades?), an awesome 70s cookbook in pristine condition (I'm starting to collect these, and will frame the covers when we actually remodel the kitchen) and a travelling bar set. I didn't even know this existed, my mom told me they were popular back in the 60s.

  2. Yes! Those traveling bar sets are so great! Sometime I find them, but they are always missing something. Maybe we should go on a road trip and put yours to good use? ;)

  3. i am a wonderful reader! and now, a follower!
    i feel you on the "junking". i am pretty bad, but my man isn't even allowed out of the house on trash night anymore...

  4. ha! Eric has tendencies to collect, but he is also much more selective than me. He groans every time he sees me coming home with new junk. I have to say though, it takes a special kind of man to put up with a house full of weird, old stuff...not to mention the small vintage warehouse that is our office :)