Mighty Swell! {takin' it to the streets}

As you all know, I love treasure hunting (thrifting, garage sales, estate sales, etc). It is one of my favorite things/greatest escapes. But it gets to a point where you just can’t justify owning SO MUCH STUFF. As a remedy, I’ve always had garage sales, clothing swaps and the like. Last year I decided that my eye for seeking out good stuff among a sea of “junk” was a true talent and I should start making a gig out of it. My Etsy shop, Bourbon and Lace, was born. While Etsy is a truly amazing resource, I have found myself yearning for the face-to-face transactions. I guess it’s the former-retail employee in me. I like making people happy in person. There is also the growing frustration with how much work Etsy is. Finding, cleaning, photographing, listing, describing, pricing – whew! All of this leads to a mark up in price to make it worth your time.

So, long story short, we devised a solution. Meghan (from the Minneapolis based blog High Plains Thrifter) and I are opening our very own vintage pop-up shop - Mighty Swell. The plan: We get a few other treasure hunters together, gather all of our goods and set up a real-life vintage store (one weekend only!) in a friend’s gallery space, promote the heck out of it and hopefully make it a quarterly event! Our Mission: A blink-and-you-miss it vintage shopping extravaganza, showcasing an edited collection of clothing, accessories and home decor. Why? Because affordable vintage is Mighty Swell.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks, vendor interviews and a look at the whole process start to finish. Don't forget to frequent Meg's blog - she'll be doing a lot of the updates! YAY!

In the mean time follow us on twitter @mightyswell and become a fan on facebook!

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