MONDAY. {the count down begins...}

This week I count down the last 5 days of my internship. The first job I've ever had where I had a reason to get semi dressed-up. And fortunately, since I am a graphic designer, I can get away with some pretty "funky" outfits. In other words, I didn't have to buy dress slacks (have I ever told you how much I hate pants???), or wear below the knee skirts, which look terrible on me. Since I will soon be back to working from home (and by "working" i mean "looking for a new job") - I decided to do an outfit post everyday this week. Not going to put extra thought into my outfits, just gonna get gussied up every morning as usual and take a pic. So here we go....

From top to bottom...
*Necklace that I bought at a craft fair, made from
re-purposed vintage hardware and photos.
*Target V-neck.
*Urban Outfitters mini skirt.
*Thrifted braided leather belt.
*Guess wedges.
*Thrifted rings that I wear every. single. day.


  1. YES! outfit posts! I love it you look UH-mazing :)

  2. Thanks Samantha :) I've been meaning to do more outfit posts...help break me of my camera-shyness!