In honor of my little guys first birthday, a list of some of the things I love most about him:

❤ His big squeaky yawns. A friend told me they sounded like the squeakiest wooden gate in the elf garden. I couldn't have put it better myself. H-man knows this is his highest ranking cute card, and he plays it a lot.
❤ His velvet ears. They are so. friggin'. soft.
❤ Puppy belly. Need I say more?
❤ The "mickey mouse eyes", when he looks at you from the side and the whites of his eyes peek out. Melts my heart.
❤ He spins in circles when it's meal time. Seriously, like 3-6 full circles every time.
❤ When he curls up in a little bundle behind my knees while I am sleeping.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop... thanks for indulging me :)
Happy Birthday Herman -WE LOVE YOU!

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