Off the beaten path...

A drive from my parents house in Iowa back to Minneapolis should take approximately 3.5 hours. Often times it takes me twice that because I decide to stop at every thrift I can find between point A & B. In the summer it's even worse... garage sales. So as I drove home from a midweek visit to my parents', coming down with an awful cold and anxious to get home and see my guys, I still couldn't resist the lure of a treasure hunt. Needless to say, it went well (with the exception of getting lost, twice). I even discovered a new thrift I didn't know about - and it was a gem!

I picked up a whole bunch of goodies, many of which will be up for grabs at the next Mighty Swell sale... did you hear that we announced a date???


  1. I call dibs on the rainbow striped clutch!

  2. You got it! It's the perfect summer purse.

  3. wow..great finds!

    happy spring and happy thrifting!!