Weekend in review

It was a short, but fun-filled weekend. Worked late Friday night, woke up early Saturday morning. After prepping the set for our Mighty Swell sneak peeks all week, it was a blast styling the shoot. My beautiful friends Meggie & Lindsey make everything look good, so it all came together pretty easily. Photography was done by the crazy talented Kate Sommers. I recently created a new logo/identity for her, so she was happy to lend a hand. Swapping with creative friends is the best! We'll start releasing our sneak peeks tomorrow - so keep an eye on the facebook page!
After the fun/exhausting morning, we trekked down to Buster's where we enjoyed some well deserved food & drink. As much as I wanted to take a nap, I decided the weather was too nice to waste and Herman & I headed to the dog park with friends. All this excitement was followed up by a date night with Eric - Mexican food & Black Swan. (Which I think my mind/body are still recovering from).
Woke up early today and enjoyed the sunshine with our unbearably cute animals and a couple good reads. Now back to work...
Hope y'all had a lovely weekend too!

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