Designing Mighty Swell

Our summer sale has been announced! Mighty Swell has been such a fun venture in so many ways, and one of the best parts for me is designing our collateral for every sale. I'm particularly happy with the direction of our most recent stuff (website, postcard, window dressings, etc.)

Our goal was summery, bright, colorful and a bit whimsical. Meghan and I had been pouring through pics online and off and found so much inspiration. After a brief stock photo search, I realized that I was never going to find what I was looking for online. So off to the beach I went, vintage tote, sandals and purse in tow. Our theme is 'Summer in the City'... and what is more unique to a Minneapolis summer than our many wonderful beaches? So a very large iced tea and 60 photos later, I got the perfect shot.

The back gets a little trickier. I knew what I was going for; a retro "day at the beach" feel, but that's a lot of info to organize in a 7x5 space. After a lot of messing around with the color palette, funky shapes and our usual fonts, I got it! I've always loved those little diamond details on 5os era packaging and advertisements, so I jumped at the chance to throw them in there. The blue "lakes" were a good way to separate some important info, and the little birdie has been with us since the beginning so I kept him too :)

Now we start working on the windows! This was definitely the most exciting part of getting our own space (besides, ya know, not having to move EVERYTHING after each sale). Our beautiful bay storefront windows mean endless possibilities. And heck, who knows, maybe it will help me get that dream visual merchandising job someday!

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