Camping Trip: Copper Falls

This weekend we went camping with our friends Nathan & Helene at Copper Falls State Park in Wisconsin. It rained for the better part of Friday, but Saturday was a picture perfect summer day. It was my first time in Northern Wisconsin, and now I totally understand why so many people buy summer cabins here - so gorgeous and peaceful.

Friday morning I made some portable bourbon peach pies and then we hit the road. That afternoon we met up with our camping buddies in Hayward, WI -- home of the Moccasin Bar, a great little dive that is filled floor to ceiling with bizarre taxidermied wildlife. One of the most cute AND disturbing being these baby fawns fetus'. We arrived at our campsite just in time to set up our tents and whip up some tacos that we ended up eating in the car while it poured rain. After it let up we snuck in a late night swim!

The weather was so amazing on Saturday... we made camp waffles, went on a gorgeous hike filled with waterfalls then spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach. It really was a perfect day.
We drove home exhausted on Sunday and enjoyed a pool party and some fireworks for the 4th. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. These are such fun pics...it looks like a totally gorgeous place to be out in nature :) What a beautiful trip!

    I am in love with your blog...reading through past posts and just so enjoying your photos and perspectives. Following you :)

    <3 Cambria

  2. P.s. And we're both MN bloggers hooray :)