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I come from a long line of bakers. My grandpa was a baker by profession and I grew up in a house where we rarely got store bought junk food, but we were never deprived of sweet treats or home made bread. It has even become tradition for each child to get a shiny new kitchenaid mixer when they graduate from college! My mom is a wizard in the kitchen, and many of my favorite desserts of hers were whipped up sans recipe. I'm not that confident, but I'm pretty good. However, until recently, I had quite the baker's shame... I had never made my own pie crust.
Armed with 6 perfectly ripe peaches I had my sights set on pie. I knew that store bought crust would not do these beautiful stone fruits justice, and so my search for the perfect recipe began. Thankfully, the search was short. I found exactly what I needed over at one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen; a step-by-step (with lots of photos) tutorial for an "all butter, really flaky pie dough". I may have par-baked it a little long, but it was otherwise perfect! If you have, like me, feared making your own crust - don't be scared! Just dive in, it's actually pretty easy.

*On a side note: A highly recommend clicking on the photo source link. I stumbled upon this adorable wedding a couple of weeks ago. I have had so many of these same ideas for my some-day wedding (ball jars for guests to drink from, pie instead of cake, herb centerpieces) - it was so inspiring to see them so beautifully executed!

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